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The Little Land Company

We work with homeowners and landowners, to achieve planning uplift on land that is surplus to the owner’s needs.

We do this by drawing on decades of personal and professional experience, local contacts, local knowledge and leading our team of tenacious professional Planning Consultants and Architects (who understand the local quirks) to design schemes that fit with the local needs and setting.

If you have considered applying for Planning Permission on your own land, or some that you are now responsible for, but you don’t have the time, funds or even the energy to make it a priority in your life; we can help.

For us it’s about getting to know what you are looking to achieve and agreeing a way forward with complete transparency.

And we do this on a ‘no gain, no fee’ basis.

Perhaps you have tried to obtain planning permission in the past and it has been refused. We can review this and suggest solutions to the previous refusal issues. We’ve been there, done it before and got the t-shirt. And now we want to help you.

Have a look at our website and then book a chat with us using the contact button below.

Do any of these scenarios resonate

with you?

Image by MChe Lee
  • I own a parcel of land that I don't use and would like to explore what's possible.

  • I have a large garden that I no longer need and/or can manage, and would be interested in exploring what I can do with it.

  • I own farmland with buildings and wonder if I can do anything with them?

Image by Kim Sutcliffe
  • I've always been told I won't get planning permission, but I'm not sure if that's right?

  • I tried to get planning permission, but it was refused the first time. Is it worth another try?

  • I've looked into getting planning permission for my land, but it seems complicated and expensive; can you help?

  • I have some land attached to my property and have always wanted to try to get planning, but don't have the funds to do it on my own.

  • I have a property which I would be interested in modernising to increase the value before selling it, can you help?

Image by Felipe Santana
  • I have a large garden and would be interested in selling some of it to make a bit of extra money quickly.

  • I have inherited a property with land and would like to sell it quickly.

Some of our projects...

Garden Plot

PRC lin drawing.jpg
PRC floorplans.jpg
PRC house drawings.jpg
PRC in build.jpg

Identifying the opportunity

Appropriate design


In Build

Land Development

THC Barn land.jpg
THC from above.jpg
THC barn ploorplan.jpg
THC elevations.jpg

Identifying the opportunity

Appropriate design





Historic buildings

Sympathetic renovations



Commercial to Residential conversion

How can we

help you?

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